Swiss Solar Culture

Solar technology for cultural developmentwork

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Swiss Solar Culture


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Solar Cinema on the move: Nepal

The concept is simple; some pack animals (mules) carry the solar-cinema and -film equipment from village to village. In each village solar panels charge a battery. Interested inhabitants have the opportunity to produce a short film; a film discussing local issues, edited and presented in the village. The Solar Cinema Team assists and guides the short film projects. For the cinema evening, at the end of staying three to six days, a screen is tautened between two houses or two trees. Simple cinema equipment, such as a projector, a video player and a speaker are installed. After the local short-film, a Nepalese feature film, dealing with people’s everyday lives is shown to the inhabitants. 


Solar Cinema on the Move: Nepal is a non-profit, non-political and non-denominational program of Swiss Solar Culture. 


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Swiss Solar Culture

The association Swiss Solar Culture aims to promote renewable energies as well as organizing and the implementation of cultural development initiatives.


The association in general pursues:

  • social, cultural, and ecological goals
  • promotes solidarity
  • creates artistic and ecological action


The association pursues its objectives mainly through the following activities:

  • organize and implement cultural events using solar-powered technology
  • creating local cultural productions
  • produce films and other cultural productions on local issues, events, changes, needs, etc. with the aim of securing or improving local living conditions
  • create concepts of cultural development cooperation (and their
  • implementation) on behalf of NGOs in the development sector
  • organize a selection (together with the audience) of meaningful films and documentaries and presenting them through the use of a solar cinema

The association is active in developing countries and Switzerland.


The association is non-religious, non-political and non-profit.


The association’s financial means are exclusively to be used for the purposes of theassociation’s goals.



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A mobile cinema for your project

We are a team of professionals and offer concepts for cultural developmentwork as well as renting / leasing of solar-powered cinema equipment, stage equipment, operators and stagehands for the realization of cultural events.


Jorrit Bachmann

Phone 0041(0)444503115

Solar Cinema rent Switzerland
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 Solar powered development work

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